Vision for the World Water Community

You have a heart for water.

I have a heart for water.

You ARE water.

I AM water.

You and me are part of the World Water Community.

The World Water Community is a pulsating tapestry of individuals, including you and me, with their own journey, essence to express, and dreams to fulfill.

My dream is to create a safe, open, trusted space, for all of us to thrive and collaborate.

Thereby healing OUR waters, and subsequently the waters in our environment.

This is a space without borders, across disciplines and organizations.

In this space you and me are free of our limiting ways, live our truths, and we are open to explore and contribute.

In this space you and me are able to collaborate on water projects and goals that we each cannot achieve alone.

The platform offered to the World Water Community provides support and practical tools to connect, collaborate, create and share, with the intention to serve us all and be efficient with our time and investments.

Together we unleash the unlimited potential that we collectively have.

Our principles are like water, we share fairly, give and receive in a natural balance, collaborate, we are open, transparent, and pure, we value our diverse perspectives and contributions, respect each other and be of service to and humble for the grandness of our waters.

We are water, our waters are pulsating and communicating in coherent domains on micro to macro scales, from the tiny molecules, cells and organisms in our body to the large ecosystems on the planet, and beyond.

Every body and every thing is connected through water… Let us live by that understanding!

What is your dream?

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

Yoko Ono

What part do you play in this World Water Community Symphony?

Please comment below or in the Open Forum.

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