Birth of Water Crystal after 23rd of September 2021

Dear World Water Community and Water Friends,

Today I would like to share my personal comment / report regarding the water crystal experiments this Autumn between 20th of September and 24th of September.

Experiment Description

A before / after Test with Water Crystal Image during World Peace Day, Summer Solstice and Global Water Equinox Ceremony by World Water Community and Global Alliance of a World Water Law.

I wanted to offer my possibilities to make water crystal images in order to visualize the (invisible) effects of global, universal and cosmic events this September. It was my wish to sensibilize our consciousness and awareness towards water inside us, around us and all over and to remind all of us that everybody, every single happening and every social problems and pattern are connected for each other and everybody has direct effect to create our ONE World, ONE holistic collective Consciousness. It is made inside our consciousness.

  • I prepared a water bottle from tap water. I put the bottle on my laboratory desk in the evening of 19th of September.
  • On 20th of September in the evening time, I dropped water from that bottle on the petri dishes and froze them.
  • On 23rd of September in the evening time, I dropped water from the same bottle on the petri dishes again and froze them.
  • On 25th of September in the evening time, I analyzed both samples.


  • The tap water drop sample from 20th of September (before the different cosmic, collective and global events) showed no hexagonal or other harmonic formation as water crystal:
  • The tap water drop sample from 23rd of September (after the different cosmic, collective and global events) showed some very interesting structures, forms:

One special observation from the water drop was a kind of ‘Birth of Water Crystal’:

It is very seldom to be able to observe the moment how the frozen water during the process of melting shows the birth of water crystal.

At first I saw a small circle-like shape and a dot in the center of the circle. It looked really like an egg-cell. I was not expecting at all, that that circle with a dot would develop and begin to grow.

Next moment, I recognized that the circle is moving a little and looked like somehow it was growing.

I decided to keep looking and observing the circle.

In the next 15 and 20 seconds the circle was transforming its shape from circle to the hexagon formation and finally looked like an adult hexagonal water crystal!!

It was very special moment and experience for me personal as water crystal photographer to accompany the birth of tiny water crystal.

I knew this phenomena, but it is absolutely seldom that the observer / water crystal photographer could encounter such a moving, growing process really under the microscope.

I was very moved by this phenomena, and I really felt that I went through and accompanied, supporting the process of the birth of new water crystal. The all was in silence, wordless but very strong and deep interaction between water and me.

I made many shots in that 15/20 seconds and I am very glad to share this sequence images with so many people as possible.

Next day, it means, on 26th of September, Everine and Bastiaan from World Water Community visited my home and we enjoyed together tea and our conversation. Topic was surely about the result of my analysis and I told them about my exciting story.

Everine and Bastiaan were very astonished and looked me with big eyes! and they said:

“Oh… my dear Akiko, how exciting, do you know why? We know from the Equinox Ceremony Community that the circle of 4 tribes were gathered and they predicted that NEW WATER will be born soon during the ceremony time at End of September!”

I got goose bumps after I heard this story.

For me again and again, Water shows the phenomena with full of mystery, mysticism, wonder and secret.

I feel again and again how humble I am toward to water and its mystery.

Akiko Stein

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